How can I personalize and setup my Profile in INFINITI InTuition™?

Before we get into that, please make sure that you've turned On the Intelligent Key setting on the first screen.

Now that it's turned on, here are the things you need to do:

1- Allow system to complete loading process. From the home screen, touch the right arrow one time.

2- Select INFINITI InTouch.

3- Confirm Intelligent Key link is ON and Welcome Guidance is ON, and then press the Home button, knowing that User Profiles are not locked, which means that if any settings, including seat position, are changed; the new settings will become part of the current User Profile.

4- Select User List.

5- Select Add New.

6- Select Edit Name

7- Touch and hold Delete, enter user name, and touch OK.

8- Select Edit Icon.

9- Select a User Icon, and then touch the Back arrow.

10- Select OK. And keep in mind that Intelligent Key number is automatically assigned based on the I-Key in the vehicle at the time of registration.

11- Once User is registered, you can begin customizing your settings.

12- User List Summary.

13- Guest List.